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Airzone - Varaible air-flow zoning solution.

Cold Az Refrigeration and Air Conditioning are now offering a complete comfort zoning solution for your heating and cooling.

Suitable for both residential and commercial applications and compatible with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries ducted inverter and VRF ducted systems, the Airzone variable air-flow zoning solution offers the ultimate level of comfort by providing complete temperature control over each individual zone and in turn, delivering high energy efficiencies and huge cost savings.


Airzone has three different controllers to suit all setups and requirements. These allow users to control and monitor the temperature in up to 10 zones, access timers, scheduling and other advanced features via intuitive and easy to use controllers.


The Airzone cloud app provides complete control over each individual zone from an iPad, iPhone or Android device. It also offers remote monitoring and error diagnosis assistance and facilitates easy firmware updates via Wi-Fi


The Q-Adapt Algorithm ensures the system is running at optimal efficiency at all times by adjusting the fan speed according to the number of active zones, resulting in reduced running costs for the user.

Buchan Pub
Meeting the Cold Az Team

We are very proud to have done the work at the newly built Buchan Caves Hotel. Our team built cool rooms and a freezer and installed all the reverse cycle heating/cooling for the Pub. 

Believed to have been built in the 1850's, the historic Buchan Caves Hotel has been an iconic part of the Buchan community for many years. 
Sadly the pub was lost to fire on April 8th, 2014. 
In an amazing show of support from the Buchan community all the way to the UK and USA, the Buchan Caves Hotel became the first crowd funded pub in the world!
Owner/Managers, Marg and Greg Brick, have dedicated everything to get the Buchan Pub back up and running better than ever before. Drop in and see them for the best parma and beer in Buchan!

Have you cleaned the filters in your split system recently?
The filters in your air-conditioning unit need to be cleaned regularly, this can be done easily by taking them out of the unit and brushing the dust from them with a stiff brush or washing them.
Cleaning your filters will; 
give you cleaner and stronger air flow from your unit, 
keep the unit in better working order, keep the cost of running your unit down as it does not have to work so hard.
This should be done monthly depending on use, check your user manual as to how to remove filters easily and safely.


Air Conditioner filters